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|| Queer as Folk Stillness ||

animate and we'll go Pink Posse on your ass >=)

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Welcome to Queer as Folk Stillness, a Queer As Folk icon challenge for still icons.

Each week 1 blank will be posted for that week's challenge. After the week is over, members will vote on which three icons they like best. There will be 3 winners every week, each receiving a personalized award plaque. (Occasionally, if the mods are just TWITCHING to vote, there will be a Mod's Choice award).

This is a MODERATED community run by ancientromances and lily_blossoms. Do not ask for free posting access. We will be upset.

Now...the highly anticipated:

1. Your submissions cannot be animated. (if they are, you will suffer DIRE consequences...)
2. Your submissions CANNOT be posted anywhere else before the contest is over (if we find out, there will be some spork-throwing, beware)
3. No telling your friends to vote for you. That's just low. (Have you ever been low?)
4. No voting for yourself. That's just egotistic (and the only egotistic person in the WORLD that can be HOT and EGOTISTIC is Brian, so forget it)
5. Make sure your submission fits LJ's size standards: 100x100, 40 KB
6. Don't take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission. If you do take, PLEASE CREDIT. It's rude not to.

1. Post your submssion as a comment to the original post one of the mods will make at the beginning of the week.
2. You will need an image host that allows remote linking. No geocities/angelfire/tripod. We recommend IMG SPOT and greatestjournal.
3. When posting w/ your submission, post in this format:


Banner: (yes or no)

Submission deadline: Friday 10 PM Pacific Time
1. Voting beginds Saturday @ Noon, Pacific Time
2. You have under Sunday 10 PM to vote
3. Winners will be announced and the new blank selection will be posted Monday evening.

1. You don't have to be a member of the community to vote.
2. Anonymous votes will not be counted.
3. Please vote for you choice for your favorite three icons and favorite blank.
4. Do not vote for yourself (as mentioned above)
5. Sometimes there's a Mod's Choice. Sometimes.

If you don't like the non animation rule there is qaficontest, where animation is allowed.

Contact the mods...
Britt : Email or post to ancientromances
Jen : Email or post to lily_blossoms

That's it! Now have fun! <33 from Britt & Jen

(User info gacked mostly from buffy_stillness, but lily_blossoms tweaked it a little to her bidding.) Oh, and go and huggle quebelly for her lovely idea of starting the whole STILLNESS movement. Look how far it has spread!

Want nifty buttons? Nifty Buttons Are Here:
We can always count of ancientromances to love everyone equally!

(And we can always count on me, lily_blossoms, to be partial to my ships and my people. Alas, feel free to throw tomatoes at me)

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Brush for User Icon
Credit to lily_blossoms a.k.a. yellow_dusk


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